Outside the windows…


A warm sunny atmosphere all around

Scorching is its heat with no sound..

Its mesmerising beauty leaves everyone astound

Cool breezy winds stirring my face like a whirl..

oh..it made me swing like my curls

Its fragrance spellbounds my face

which like a blessing i embrace..

The smiling green plants cheers everyone….

while nature enjoys this immense fun

Wow..what an energy and spirit it radiates…

encourages one and all to gracefully appreciate

Creativity..inspiration sparks in my mind

fuelling the inner strength and will power..

as mighty and tough as the eiffel tower

With utmost passion and determination

one is sure to rise and acheive new heights in life..

Colourful opportunities waiting to be unpacked

and countless yet excitng exams of life be cracked…

Coz this treasure of life is awesome..

and its pleasure is wholesome

Outside the window…is the golden glow of the sun

shining brightly..and the rays giving us hope..

A new day i see..with a little faith in me

Enlightening the windows of my minds..

with an emotion of truly kind

with those rays of holiness..

coz the light within me shines more brightly..

and leads and directs me rightly…

Be motivated..be inspired and keep going (:

Image Source : Google Images

Published by jyotibeingthechange

An avid learner,curious to explore the human mind and experiencing life to its fullest.. Just a kind soul eager to add value to peoples life to make the world a much better place to live and flourish by love,kindness and gratitude..To respect this treasure called life..finding the purpose of life and living lt positively..

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