SMILE.. a dazzling manifestation

Ya ..I am sure it made you think of that swanky wide expression called ”SMILE”..and thats moreover when the photographer says..’Say cheeeese’ with a sense of wit and humour in the studio..haha..its something which drives me crazy..and more crazier everytime…


Umm… its a choice within you which lies…

To choose or not to choose is a question of wise..

Smile , if you wanna initiate some positivity…

and it opens doors for an opportunity..

Smile, for all that you have in your lives

Not dwelling in with your worst strifes..

Smile, as its a universal language of kindness

sparking a feeling and sense of gracefulness..

Smile, if some things turn out terrible and unexpected

Its an impulse to put better efforts and be dedicated..

Smile, when you come across a situation or a conflict

Be calm..coz its the most powerful scream..

Smile , and smile more at your mind

its helps the tensions and worries to grind…

Smile, for being alive and peaceful

and for this breath be truly thankful..

Smile is the universal welcome..

honestly which bears an amazing outcome..

Believe is painless..

but its fascination is endless..

Understand the meaning of life..its value…

Its importance..and its purpose..

Its a blessing and a marathon to be endeavored

to make a positive impact for the mankind..for good

Smile, seeing the game of life…

welcoming its wonders with a hi five..

Smile , being obliged to the almighty and the cosmos..

for this precious blessing.. everyday…every second..

At the, smile and See Miracles In Life Everyday

THANKYOU …Keep smiling (:

Image Source : GOOGLE IMAGES

Published by jyotibeingthechange

An avid learner,curious to explore the human mind and experiencing life to its fullest.. Just a kind soul eager to add value to peoples life to make the world a much better place to live and flourish by love,kindness and gratitude..To respect this treasure called life..finding the purpose of life and living lt positively..

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