HAPPINESS… An alluring discovery

Hey ..i discovered a new thing today..

what a immense fun it would be if i chase it everyday

wanna know ..what it could be..hmm..?

An emotion as i would say

but not less than a cheerful hurray…

its something which made my day…..

and of course smile is the way..

Serotonin is truly its favorite..

and with pleasure about this i write

Oh ..ya dopamine is like its brother.. (:

with incredible results like none other

Sometimes tears express its overwhelming joy

like a funny clown with a toy..

The wonders increase with intensity

its none other than its astounding vivacity.

I befriended this happy treasure..

which is clean and pure as the nature..

I was familiar with it..and its indeed hilarious

its an amusing word which everyone can afford..

This discovery is pretty cool ..isn’t it…hmm…

even pleasing the heads of fools..

It instills an energizing spirit and aura in us

yet the cheery friend gives a choice

to be happy and rejoice…

Life is full of happiness and gay

where contentment finds a way..

So ..hey ..it all starts with a positive attitude

choose it ..and be a cool dude..

Enjoy this pleasure gratefully..


Image Source : Google images

Published by jyotibeingthechange

An avid learner,curious to explore the human mind and experiencing life to its fullest.. Just a kind soul eager to add value to peoples life to make the world a much better place to live and flourish by love,kindness and gratitude..To respect this treasure called life..finding the purpose of life and living lt positively..

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