The little flower says it all..


A colorful little flower calls out to me ..

on a bright cool morning

to make me feel the essence of it and its colorful friends

Oh..i forgot to tell you..!!

it was blooming gently..a new blossoming it was

it is one of my sweet refreshing friend..

I named this wonderful shining friend of mine

which like a diamond would shine as ayana..

far away in the feilds of this beautiful city

with the grace of the almighty..

Hi said to me attracting towards its new avatar

reminding me that you can also be a star ..

in your own a unique way..

With a sweet fragrance which is indeed amazing

Wow..what a mesmerising beauty it is..

I am astonished by its purity and charm

and..ya ayana admit it you have a lovely glamour..haha

I lost in this like i am absorbed by its spell

no wonder when i tend to be stunned with amusement..

And on one side i m gonna go crazier and crazzier

with loads of endless excitement….(:

The morning tour of fascination..across my greeny garden

instilled in me a sense of optimism and intense satisfaction..

Nature’s pleasure is worth embracing

its essence makes us realise the true deeper view of life..

The grandeur and its aura is remarkable

WOW…!! its awesome..its delightful…!!

Image Source: Google Images

Published by jyotibeingthechange

An avid learner,curious to explore the human mind and experiencing life to its fullest.. Just a kind soul eager to add value to peoples life to make the world a much better place to live and flourish by love,kindness and gratitude..To respect this treasure called life..finding the purpose of life and living lt positively..

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