A Profound Experience..

Writing is the painting of the voice. Voltaire This holds true for anyone who is passionate about writing and has a taste in words. Passion is indeed contagious and content is like fire as it makes its influence even on the brainiest minds. It is a content-driven world.     Are you hungry for knowledge? Well, evenContinue reading “A Profound Experience..”

The Surprising Power of the Clock would be ‘Ability to Talk’

If the ‘ALARM CLOCK’ could talk, it would say Bounce back…Why? My two little fingers strike at 6. Oh! it’s 6:00 am and my voice begins to chant in an uncanny tone for the next 60 seconds. It’s an auspicious time for me to clear my throat and soar my energy to kick off theseContinue reading “The Surprising Power of the Clock would be ‘Ability to Talk’”


OUR FRIENDSHIP ISN’T A BIG THING ITS A MILLION LITTLE THINGS…Someone said this..and its really true and amazing.. Our laugh …limitless Our memories…countless Our friendship…endless Finding your kind of crazy…without being hopeless They are the lively angels that lift us up.. when our wings have forgotten to fly.. just like an injured butterfly.. longing forContinue reading “FRIENDSS.. OR FRAANDS..Huh..?”

GRATITUDE…The key to fullness of life

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.. Henry Ward Beecher Ya..its thankfulness…and accepting your life and its wonders ,its miracles joyfully and humbly..right?? All of us are here for a reason.. with a deeper purpose to be explored upon.. every creation of the universe is utter fascinating.. and also all of usContinue reading “GRATITUDE…The key to fullness of life”

The little flower says it all..

THE ENDLESS JOY…LIKE NEVER BEFORE A colorful little flower calls out to me .. on a bright cool morning to make me feel the essence of it and its colorful friends Oh..i forgot to tell you..!! it was blooming gently..a new blossoming it was it is one of my sweet refreshing friend.. I named thisContinue reading “The little flower says it all..”

HAPPINESS… An alluring discovery

Hey ..i discovered a new thing today.. what a immense fun it would be if i chase it everyday wanna know ..what it could be..hmm..? An emotion as i would say but not less than a cheerful hurray… its something which made my day….. and of course smile is the way.. Serotonin is truly itsContinue reading “HAPPINESS… An alluring discovery”

SMILE.. a dazzling manifestation

Ya ..I am sure it made you think of that swanky wide expression called ”SMILE”..and thats moreover when the photographer says..’Say cheeeese’ with a sense of wit and humour in the studio..haha..its something which drives me crazy..and more crazier everytime… Umm… its a choice within you which lies… To choose or not to choose isContinue reading “SMILE.. a dazzling manifestation”

Outside the windows…

NATURE LAYS OUT AN INSPIRATION… A warm sunny atmosphere all around Scorching is its heat with no sound.. Its mesmerising beauty leaves everyone astound Cool breezy winds stirring my face like a whirl.. oh..it made me swing like my curls Its fragrance spellbounds my face which like a blessing i embrace.. The smiling green plantsContinue reading “Outside the windows…”

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